It is an inspiring term that represents firm beliefs, vision, and mission. It is a commitment to the future, demonstrating the determination to bravely confront challenges and actively change the status quo. Throughout history, manifestos have often been a key force in leading epochal transformations, motivating people to work together for shared ideals. From social activists to artists and entrepreneurs, many distinguished figures have used manifestos to declare their beliefs and goals to the world, igniting sparks of innovation and creativity. Within M19Minus, we delve into the essence and value of manifestos, explore their unique roles in various fields, and discuss how to harness the power of manifestos to create a rare future.



19 : 01  A mansion of dreams 

19 : 02  A manifest of new aesthetics 

19 : 03  A marriage of conflict 

19 : 04  A melting point of discipline 

19 : 05  A maze exists in different time zones 

19 : 06  Where architect shapes the sound of aroma 

19 : 07  Where science report includes a poetic summary 

19 : 08  Where music is made to boost plant growth 

19 : 09  Where philosophical sounds speak our mind 

19 : 10  Where scientific mood works for expressions 

19 : 11  With an underwater farm nurturing herbs and flowers 

19 : 12  With a diary written by air and scent 

19 : 13  With a movie in 190 frames per second

19 : 14  With nature’s frequency guiding our imagination 

19 : 15  Skin, your canvas 

19 : 16  Skin, your cognition 

19 : 17  Solidify logic and emotions 

19 : 18  Synthesize our past, present and future 

19 : 19  Silence the questioning of why ...


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